Women's Ministries Network

The Women's Ministries Network includes all women’s groups in the United Church whose purpose is defined in the UCC Manual “to determine their own purpose which may include personal support, friendship, spiritual nurture and growth, mission education, service, exploring faith in Jesus, outreach, fundraising, fun, prayer, healing or education for life” This purpose is fulfilled at Rockingham United through the UCW General Group, UCW Units and the Women’s Spirituality group.

UCW Purpose
To unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service

Our Vision

As United Church Women we believe:

  • that as Christian women of faith, we nurture spirituality by reaching out with commitment and devotion to all God's people;
  • in promoting truth, justice, peace, caring and sharing with respect for all in the community and wider world;
  • in loving God and others by living generously and giving joyfully; and,
  • in affirming and strengthening ourselves creatively in study and witness through music, laughter and solitude.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to love God, to foster Christian faithfulness, spirituality, commitment and devotion and to promote love and respect by living generously and giving joyfully to all God's people and to affirm and strengthen ourselves creatively.


  • Maintain church kitchen
  • Maintain perennial garden under church sign
  • Participate in the life and work of Rockingham United Church (serve on committees)
  • Participate in local World Day of Prayer Service


  • Candy Cane Carnival in November
  • Fellowship of the Least Coin
  • Lenten Mite Boxes


  • Brunswick Street United Church
  • St. Paul ’s United Church Family Resource Center
  • Arthur Kidston Memorial Camp
  • Homeless Men (Men’s Turning Point Center)
  • Female Inmates
  • Phoenix House for Youth
  • Mission and Service Fund of UCC
  • World Development and Relief Fund
  • Atlantic Ministry for the Deaf
  • And more…

Who are we?

  • Women of the congregation.

What do we do?

  • Worship
  • Serve
  • Socialize

When do we meet?

    Clayton Park Unit – 4th Thursday evening of the month
    Jean Hogan Unit – 4th Thursday afternoon of the month
    Laura Wright Unit – 4th Wednesday evening of the month
    UCW General - (All units) January, May, October, December

Contact Information

President UCW General: Sharon Ernst
By Phone: 902-443-1902
By Email: sharonernst162@yahoo.ca

Last updated: Sept 1, 2019

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