Our Minister: Rev Sarah Reaburn 

What I do:   Every day is different.  I plan and lead worship, provide opportunities for us to grow our faith, connect with people in a whole variety of ways, listen a lot, and go to way too many meetings.  I love this life. 

What brings passion to my ministry:  I’m still looking for a deeper and richer relationship with all that is holy.  Let’s do that together.  My passion comes from what the spirit is doing among us, and I work hard at constantly discovering anew the ways God’s love is made real and tangible in us.  Again, I love this life.  

Some things I love:  Paul, my 3 adult children, dogs, novels, nature, travel, and hanging out with people.  Especially if there’s food involved. 

Something you should know before visiting Rockingham:  You are so very welcome here just as you are.  Come in a tie or wear an old tshirt.   Come confident in your faith or full of questions or doubts.  Come because Mom is making you, or come because you love this community as much as I do.  It doesn’t matter why you’re here.  We follow Jesus, who welcomed people with a radical openness.  We strive to do the same.  We think you’ll like us.  We know we’re going to like you.  Come and see.  

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