Our Men

The Men of RUC invite all men associated with our congregation to "get together" in a spirit of fellowship. The winter activities can include an outing to a hockey game, a pool outing or an educational activity of some nature, either at the church or elsewhere.

There are other events that the Men's Group are involved in. One is the UCW Christmas Fair in November when the men are encouraged to create items for sale on a table called Made By Men. They also organize and carry off a Pancake Supper on Shrove Tuesday that is well attended. Other activities can include involvement in a Yard Sale and a Take Home Lobster Dinner on Mother's Day.

We now have a monthly lunch outing, the purpose of which is two fold. First, it's an opportunity for our men to gather in a social environment. More importantly the admission to the monthly lunch can be socks, gloves or good used men's clothing which is, in turn delivered to The Men's Turning Point Shelter or The Out of The Cold Shelter here in Halifax. A second Outreach activity was added to our agenda in November of 2015. Our group has volunteered to host a couple of breakfasts each year at The Brunswick Street Mission, usually on Remembrance Day, one of the holidays around Christmas, and now Good Friday as well.

In recent years, we have adopted a fundraising project which makes use of a donation can that is sent out into the church community around Easter and returned around Thanksgiving. Oscar, meaning Our Spare Changs Aiding Rockingham, has grown to be a profitable venture with very little effort.

Work parties around the church often get organized from this core group of men, or, the Building & Property Committee will call upon us for help on specific projects.

Our activities kick off in the fall of each year with a Golf Challenge between our men and the Men of Bedford United Church! This was the first activity that we have done with the Men of BUC and we have ventured into other activities where we come together.

All men of the congregation are encouraged to come along to any activities they see advertised and to offer to help out with any of our Outreach Ministries.

For Information on the Group's Activities Phone:

Rodger Middleton - (902)443-0580
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