COVID-19 aka Coronavirus Cancellation:

Hello everyone. We have been following current media reports, posts from the Government of Canada and Provincial Government and also from the United Church of Canada. Some of the advice from the Province includes avoiding crowds, gatherings and group activities and avoiding close contact with other people (staying about 6 feet apart).  This is now Mandatory so we are now cancelling all services of Worship, Council and Committee meetings and events at RUC for the foreseeable future! Our church office is closed but Sylvia and Rev. Sarah are working from home. Ministry continues! Please pass this on to friends, neighbours and anyone who is an adherent at Rockingham United who might not read this. 

Included below are links to sites where you can find more information around the COVID-19 Virus from the Governments, both Federal and Provincial, and The United Church. Also prayerful messages and support. 

Federal Government COVID-19 Website 

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Website

United Church of Canada & COVID-19

UCC News & Moderator

A very timely prayer from our Moderator:

When we aren’t sure, God, help us to be calm; when information comes from all sides - correct or not - help us to discern; when fear makes it hard to breathe, and anxiety seems to be the portion of the day, slow us down, God; help us to reach out with our hearts, when we can’t touch with our hands; help us to be socially connected, when we have to be socially distant; help us to love as perfectly as we can, knowing that “perfect love casts out all fear”.

Following is the United Church of Canada's information for accessing worship opportunities on-line and if you scroll down the page you will find opportunities to participate in worship with Moderator, Richard Bott;

United Church of Canada Worship on line

Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this period. I hope to update you as the situation changes.


Joanne Perry, Chair of Council

Weather Conditions & Worship Services - In the event of extreme weather conditions, our website will be updated no later than 2 hours prior to service time as well as an email will be sent. Please share the posting of a cancellation with neighbours or friends who do not have email or internet access. Thank You!

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